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Friday, June 09, 2006

Earning Your Keep?

About this time last year, I remember Nancy canvassing the JReubs for the top office view. So, with that in mind: how is your summer going?

1. How's the view?
2. How's the work?
3. How are the people?
4. The location?
5. What are your plans?

For those of us splitting, the questions above are only preliminary, of course. That doesn't mean you shouldn't pipe up now. We won't hold you to it. (This means, though, that we'll be getting new reflections on these questions from Phil well into November).

Though the questions are rather bland (I'm sure you will spice them up in due course), I think our answers will serve not only as a tool to maintain our respective superiority complexes but also as an indication to the incoming 1Ls of what fabulous riches, travels, and assorted status symbols await them. Anyway, if we keep talking about class selection, they may bail before they get here.



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    By Blogger Phil, at 5:44 PM  

  • Phil's Treatise on Law Firms, Part II (Covington):

    1. The view at Covington is stunning. Though I'm still in a shared office (see Part I.1. My inside sources at Munger have reported a similar fate for me once I arrive in Los Angeles on July 15), I now have a view of the Washington monument. The offices they have us in are brand new, with a line of partners waiting for the summer to end so they can take them over. I've heard the Covington San Francisco office has a 360 degree view of the bay in all of its offices. (It's paradise out there, apparently. Even the lowest ranking associate gets a gold-plated desk, and the streets are paved with cheese.)

    2. The work is very, very interesting. It feels like I'm more involved than I was last summer, which is probably mostly due to the fact that I didn't know that much about the law after only a year of law school. There is less time here for the 3 hour lunches than there was last summer, but 90 minute lunches are not uncommon. "Practice Group Lunches" are far more frequent than at Hogan. I'm gaining less weight than last summer.

    3. The people are all very nice. And athletic. Covington won the Large Law Firm division of the Lawyers Have Heart 10K on June 10. (I ran it, but didn't contribute to the team victory). A group of lawyers goes running on the mall every day at lunch.

    4. The location has a more recognizable address (1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW), but is a little further from Metro Center, necessitating what I anticipate to be a sweat-inducing two block walk as soon as the heat turns on later this week. We're living about 5 minutes from the National Zoo (which, like almost every other tourist attraction in Washington, D.C., is FREE). That keeps Olivia entertained and provides an interesting route for a morning three mile jog.

    5. I now plan to find out more about the San Francisco office.

    By Blogger Phil, at 5:57 PM  

  • Phil's Treatise on Law Firms, Part I (Revised) (Hogan)

    1. The view at Hogan was non-existent. For my short duration there, I was put in a conference room with other summer associates who were splitting the summer. At least the conversation was good.

    2. The work was very, very interesting. I was only there a short time, so I did not get very many assignments. Those that I did get seemed to involve me more than last summer. See Part II.2 for an explanation of my hypothesized reasons.

    3. The people are all very nice.

    4. The location is perfect. In addition to being located in Washington, with all of its free tourist attractions and relatively cheap housing (in the surrounding suburbs, anyway), Hogan is located immediately above Metro Center. Though the weather here has been abnormally cool, when it finally does get hot, those working in this building will be able to minimize the amount of time spent walking in the sweltering Potomac swamp in which the founders decided to build our nation's capital.

    5. I'm very glad I kept this option open. I still have no idea what I'll end up doing.

    By Blogger Phil, at 6:08 PM  

  • (1) My view is pretty good. My office (which I have all to myself) is on the 41st floor, and I have a great view of Dallas' local airport. I for one, get a thrill out of working 500 feet in the air.

    (2) The work is somewhat interesting, and would be more so if I knew how all of the small parts of the deals that I work on fit into the deal as a whole. It has also made me realize just how poorly a job law school does at preparing you to be a practitioner.

    (3) The people are really nice, and almost everyone is either married or engaged. Most have at least one child; the office is pretty dead after about 6:00.

    (4) The building I work in is in downtown, right next to the art museum. It is pretty accessible, and the underground parking is really nice. Dallas itself is a great city, and other than being hotter than where Blaine is headed if he keeps drinking his hot apple cider, it is very family-friendly and livable.

    (5) I plan to see if Palo Alto and O'Melveny can live up to the high standard that Dallas and V&E have set. If not, I will have to go purchase a "Dallas Mavericks: 2006 World Champions" t-shirt to wear around NYC.

    By Blogger Ben James, at 7:46 PM  

  • 1. How's the view?

    I actually don't have a view from my office. There are six summer associates at Kirton this summer - a 2L and a 1L from BYU, 2 2Ls from the U of U, a 2L from U.S.C., and me. They have us segregated so that all of the males (4) are one side of the hallway in a big office and the females (2) are on the other side of the hallway in the same size office. Maybe it has something to do with the honor code or something....

    That being said, it's always nice to see mountains after you've lived away from them for a while....

    2. How's the work?

    I'm really enjoying the work. I asked for a broad range of projects, with some extra tax and corporate stuff, and I have seen some fun stuff. I worked on a consumer protection research memo, some international stuff related to end user agreements, tax projects, and I'm starting on Title VII research project. It's been really interesting and I have really enjoyed it.

    3. How are the people?

    I couldn't ask to work with better people. I started work one day and I was out the next two days while Rebecca had a baby. Not only did the firm give me paid time off, they also sent a beautiful vase of flowers to Rebecca. Everyone is really fun to work with and they are very family-friendly. Everyone has also been very open to any questions that I have. There is a good feel to the office and everyone has been very kind so far.

    I am afraid I might just get pretty fat this summer, as I have only not eaten out two times so far. I never knew Salt Lake had so much fine cuisine to offer....

    4. The location?

    We're located in the Eagle Gate Tower on State street and South Temple. It's a nice place and I enjoy downtown Salt Lake City.

    5. What are your plans?

    I plan to take my wife to Cafe Rio tomorrow night and then see a movie. After that, we'll just have to see....

    Let me know if any of you come to Zion this summer and we'll have to hang out

    By Blogger Jeff, at 6:45 PM  

  • 1. View is pretty darn good. I've got an office on the 9th floor (of a 10-story building) with big windows to myself, but it's facing north. I see mainly hills. The partners at the west end of the building are the lucky ones; they get to see the Rockies out their huge windows.

    2. Work is really fun, which is a big relief considering I really had no clue what I was getting myself into when I decided to become a lawyer. I get to help out on both litigation and prosecution matters in the patent group.

    3. The people I work with are one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy my work. I think that I'd be hard pressed to find place with better people. Like Phil's office, many here are athletic/outdoorsy.

    4. The office is in Broomfield--outside of Denver near Boulder. This means that it is closer to our friends in Boulder, closer to places where we'd likely live, and closer to the mountains.

    5. My plans are to come back next year, if they'll have me. But I'd like to split the summer if I could, just to see what else is out there.

    By Blogger Scottypancakes, at 9:56 PM  

  • 1. I have a great view of Central Park and the Hudson River. Like Ben I too get a kick out of being up so high (42nd Floor).

    2. The work is great. Mostly doing Securities Litigation (dealing with the aftershocks of some of the 2000 corporate scandals) and representing a South American Country in a border dispute (by the way Matt, there really is not transnational laws, it just a bunch of people trying to avoid wars).

    3. The people are really nice, but work too hard. Most of the people work too hard not because they have to but because they want to. It becomes sort of a badge of honor. I have been able to keep great hours (8:30-5:30) with only 3 long nights. But I assume that such luck runs out when you sign your name on the dotted line.

    4. Building is on 8th and 50th. Looks like a pencil.

    5. Plan to check out Wilson Sonsini in Salt Lake in less than 3 weeks. No idea, but I don't think Cravath is an option because I want to see my kids grow up. Plus for those of you who don't know Diana is expecting our third in Nov./Dec. so 3 kids in the city could be too much.

    By Blogger Son of Liberty, at 2:48 PM  

  • wow, i need to keep up better.

    1. The view from MoFo SF = 9.0 out of 10. I would have said 10, but the view from HK is even better. SF = own office, 36th floor of a 36 floor building. And I was facing the Bay Bridge with plenty of the water and downtown in sight and the hills beyond that. In HK my view is of the much more interesting and beautiful skyscrapers in Central, from the 41st floor of a 44 floor tower. I look out at buildings, and lots of water with Kowloon on the other side and mountains behind.

    2. The work has been incredibly interesting and very flexible. In SF I could work on whatever I wanted--from Fed Tax to Pro Bono litigation, drafting legislation to Corporate/Business work (which is what I did mostly). In HK, it's of course almost all business. But last week I spent two days in a deposition (English-Chinese) with a partner that came in from the US.

    3. People--in SF almost universally awesome. I loved the people from attorneys to staff to the softball team (comprised about 1/2 of former attorneys and staff.)

    4. Location--in both instances, prime for the city in question. In SF, in the heart of the financial district. In HK, brand new offices that we just moved into last week. It's the building where most major US firms have their offices.

    By Blogger Machu Picchu, at 6:32 PM  

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