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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rainmaking Video Conference?

Good evening comrades,

Those of us on the JReub politburo need some wider input on two related questions:

1. Do we want to broadcast the video conference discussed below during our weekly cabal?

2. Do we want to invite the student body to attend it also? (we'd get a larger room of course)

Please let us know your thoughts. If most of us don't answer in the affirmative to the first question, then there is likely little point in doing the latter. But we weren't sure what you would all prefer.

viva la revolucion,


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> Nobmann
> Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 1:15 PM
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> Subject: [Jrclsstuchap] Video Conference
> Chapter Presidents:
> Some have asked for more information regarding the upcoming video
> conference. Brother Bill Atkin, former managing partner for
> various offices of Baker & McKenzie and currently International Counsel
> for the Church, will be speaking on client development, or rainmaking.
> The conference will begin at 12:20 EST on Tues. Oct. 24th. We
> currently intend to re-webcast the training each subsequent hour so that
> the schools in each time zone can show the training as near-to-live
> as possible.
> The content of the training is directed toward your whole school,
> and should be treated as a large scale event for your entire law
> school. That means: the biggest room, the most funds for lunch, and the
> highest level and quality of advertising.
> You should forward this email to your chapter members, and you
> should also get in touch with whoever is in charge of your law school's
> media department. Brother Atkin is a dynamic speaker and an extremely
> accomplished attorney. He also has considerable experience not
> only developing clients at the highest level, but also in training
> others how to develop clients at the highest level.
> Because most law professors have not been in private practice
> long enough to have cultivated these skills at a high level, client
> development is generally under-emphasized at law school. We, as
> the JRCLS student chapters, have the opportunity to fill a
> significant gap by making this training available to our peers.
> I urge each of you to make this event of high priority. It will
> take place two weeks from tomorrow. Please feel free to send me any
> questions you may have.
> Cheers,
> Sean
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  • First, if we do it, I'll be there.

    I think it could be interesting as a lunchtime (small group) activity, but I don't think we could pull off a succesful school-wide event. Frankly, I don't think there would that much school-wide interest to watch the video conference. If it were a Supreme Court justice or something, then *maybe* we could get a crowd, but without a live person present in the room, I think we'd have a difficult time pulling off an event that has school-wide appeal.

    Don't get me wrong - Bill Atkin is a great lawyer and knows what he is talking about. I think it is great that the Church really has some top-notch lawyers over there in the office of general counsel (Lance Wickman and Boyd Black, both former Latham & Watkins partners, and Bill Atkin, from Baker & Mackenzie). He will probably have some good points to make.

    Even so, how many will come if we do it just as our group? (For that matter, how many have been coming anyway....)

    So, in sum - (1) I'm fine either way, (2) no.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 7:14 PM  

  • Thanks for the input, Jeff. That, at least, is my sentiment also.

    Even if people don't want to put in their two-cents, could we at least get a up/down vote on the two options?


    By Blogger jennejohn, at 8:35 PM  

  • you won't get a crowd, so I wouldn't make it a schoolwide event, but hopefully you can get a good jreub turnout.

    I want to watch it, is it open to the public?

    maybe I can get people in my office to watch it - lots of them remember Bill. ;)

    By Blogger Nancy, at 4:50 PM  

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